Tim Reynolds

Principal, Clover Lane Partners LLC

Free Business Speaker in Chicago

  • Keys to a Culture of Exceptional Customer Service

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Business

    This presentation focuses on the actionable - who you hire (people with the service gene), how you train them (the power of little wows) and how you help them grow (handling upset customers). For in the end the answer to the question of what separates you from your competition never changes -"Its Always the People" and how they make your customers feel. MORE >

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  • Why Follow?

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Motivational

    "Why follow?" In short, people will follow when they know you have the desire and the ability to make them better. And one way to do that is through helping them with critical people skills they typically avoid or are uncomfortable with such as, how to have hard a conversation, how to let someone go, or how to be a more persuasive public speaker.
    Skills that show you care. MORE >

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  • Hire What You Can’t Change

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Business

    "Hire What You Can't Change" is designed to help you make better decisions not only to reduce the cost of turnover but to drive culture and performance by hiring people who will thrive. According to The Harvard Business Review up to 80% of all employee turnover is due to bad hiring decisions. And the Department of Labor estimates the cost of replacing the wrong hire to be 1/3 of his or hers annual salary. I work through a three step process with you to profile, interview and select people who will thrive in the position and in your culture. MORE >

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  • Hard Conversations for Avoiders

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Self Improvement

    Most of us avoid hard conversations because we are uncomfortable with confrontation. I sure did. But I developed a system called the "Golden Choice Method" to overcome my avoidance and to have more effective hard conversations both professionally and personally. I have trained it to hundreds, if not thousands, and it works. More importantly, it has made me a better leader, husband, father and friend. MORE >

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  • Synergy brought Tim Reynolds in to speak to our members at our Service Coordinator Forum, and his presentation was a huge success!

    Tim spent a great deal of time during the planning stages getting to know our group and the goals for our forum. His program felt customized specifically for Synergy and our members, and the attendees walked away with some tangible takeaways to implement immediately in their own businesses. Tim gave great tidbits of information and included a lot interaction with the group to keep everyone engaged.

    I would recommend Tim to any group looking for a speaker who will engage their audience and provide actionable takeaways.

    Julie Bishop, Executive Director Synergy Solution Group