Sticks & Stones – How Our Words Frame Our World

Sticks and Stones – Using the Power of Words to Frame Your World

In a single moment of time we can speak words which can have an impact for the next 10 years, positively and negatively. This isn’t a new discovery. For years I spoke without regard for the far-reaching consequences attached to what I said. Whether out of foolish jesting, or raging anger. Negative destructive words cut two ways… going into the life of the hearer and when they come back to the life of the speaker. This workshop answers these questions:

Where does the spoken word gather its power?

How can I use the language of the physical realm to my advantage in life?
Why is it difficult to put emotions such as love and hate into descriptive terms.

We explain that the language of the mind is thought, while the language of the body is an experience. How both work together to advance or hinder success in ourselves and others. This is explained in detail in my Best Selling book, Looking for God? Look No Further-Look Within.

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