LinkedIn for Job Seekers – A Virtual Presentation

A large percentage of jobs are secured indirectly through a mutual acquaintance who introduces you to a future employer. I know that’s a fact from my own personal experience.

What can really matter in searching for work is who your connections know and who those connections can introduce you to who may be potential employers.

LinkedIn is the ideal tool for reinforcing or building those connections through online networking. The platform was originally built to help companies and recruiters find qualified candidates to fill positions and is a search engine similar to Google.

Therefore, understanding how search engines work can also help leverage LinkedIn to your benefit. It may even enable you to get found on LinkedIn when someone searches for someone to fill a position.

Wishing and hoping that someone will find you simply doesn’t work anymore. You do need a plan, not a nonchalant attitude. Your plan must be coupled with proper strategies and tactics to successfully get found on LinkedIn.

In my virtual presentation, I will cover the above topics and also touch on target marketing, branding (online image, reputation), increasing visibility, etc. I will also answer questions from job seekers.

I have been coaching individuals and doing LinkedIn presentations since 2009. In 2017 I was chosen as one of only 10 LinkedIn members in English speaking countries to help facilitate conversations and assist members in the LinkedIn Forums for the community team pilot. The program was extended quarterly after the initial trial for one year when in-house LinkedIn personnel took over.

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