I Promise Not to Make You Quack Like a Chicken!

Every time I am someplace with a new group of people and am asked what I do for a living, my response usually gets all the attention. All I have to do is say I am a clinical hypnotherapist and the room goes quiet. Then, when I hear someone say they can’t be hypnotized, I simply smile. The truth is no one can be unless they are willing. The opposite is true too. Everyone can be hypnotized because hypnosis is actually self hypnosis. Also, you won’t “cluck like a chicken” unless you really want to do that. On the other hand, you can release unwanted weight, stop smoking, eliminate your fear of flying, or improve your athletic abilities with just a few sessions of clinical hypnosis.

About eight years ago, I took a six day intensive hypnotherapy training as a creative way to get the continuing education credits I needed to keep my professional licensure. I was intent on “just doing the 6-day and not any of the additional long term training that was offered.” That was until the 5th day when I saw first hand how very powerful this was. The instructor said you can see greater results in five sessions of hypnotherapy than you can in 90 sessions of talk therapy. By day five, I was a believer. I went on for a two year internship and another five years of advanced training.

I also started to assistant teach the process. Clinical hypnotherapy is nothing like stage hypnosis. It can help people deal with PTSD, anxiety, abuse issues from childhood and even change the way we deal with grief. Did I mention past lives and how we can explore who we were or why we keep doing some things we don’t want to do anymore? Even if all you want to do is learn how to relax, I can share easy tools for calming yourself when stressed. And if you want to bark like a dog or cluck like a chicken, go to a stage show and the hypnotist there can make it happen for you.

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