Reopening, Cleaning, and Health in a Post-COVID World

As facilities all over the country begin to re-open, the primary concern will be the health of building users. This applies to office buildings, schools, retail outlets, restaurants, hotels, and all commercial facilities. What steps should business owners and managers take to accomplish this?

As a writer for the professional cleaning industry, I have written several articles about this and would like to discuss it with building and business owners and managers. Some of the topics covered in this presentation will include the following:

• Why we must know how to conduct a “high-touch” audit.

• Why we must find out if our cleaning contractor (or in-house staff) and their crew have been trained and certified in cleaning “best practices” and infection control measures.

• Why we need to know what type of cleaning equipment is being used in the facility and why it matters.

• Why we need to know the difference between cleaning and disinfecting

• Why we need to know which types of disinfectants to use and how to use them properly.

• Why cleaning validation is crucial now and how we go about it.

The point of covering these issues is that building and business owners as well as managers are ultimately responsible for the health of building users.

The more they know about cleaning, the healthier their buildings and business operations will be and the more likely they can begin their own financial recovery.

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