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  • Safe Communities – Safe Kids

    Dr. Michael Litow, Executive Director, The Education Center

    Dr. Litow addresses keeping schools a place for learning, not fear. He brings basic and reasonable insights into how each person can make a difference in our communities to keep students safe.

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  • Domestic Violence: Treating the Abuser

    Rob Johnson, LCPC, Crossroads Counseling of Chicago

    It is not widely recognized that the perpetrators of domestic violence need help. In Partner Abuse Intervention, participants learn skills for handling conflict. Rob will discuss the background, curriculum and outcome of this intervention.

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  • Achieving a Successful Outcome During a Situation of Crisis

    Stacey Jenkins, M. Psych, Founder, Adjunct Professor, Crux Conception

    The topics discussed will exhibit significant outlines that will motivate individuals to participate with enthusiasm; this innovated method is aimed at captivating, diverse consortiums while incorporating various points of the Crisis Intervention model. Individuals will take with them, original philosophies, and realistic appropriateness, which will increase proficiencies for individuals to utilize in their everyday people skills. The fundamental goal is to integrate people skills, psychology, and personal testimonies, using methods associated with Psychological/Behavioral Profiling. MORE >

    Key Takeaways:

    *Attendees will benefit from discovering to utilize a critical ingredient one’s everyday people skills.

    *Attendees will further appreciate their understanding of how we preserve and use every day and the reactions we feel when we observe incidents, individuals or surroundings that merely are uncommon.

    *From police work, hostage negotiation, mental health crisis, teaching, shopping, avoiding a vehicle accident. We all use familiar scenes, and that is the critical word (views), and it allows us to use our perception and judgment regarding everyday issues.

    *Through participation and role-playing scenarios, the attendees, with enthusiasm, will ascertain the methods of implementing Mental Health, Psychological Profiling (Behavioral Analyzing), and practicality to influence the awareness of law enforcement, civilians, educators and others to affect the outcome of their response, surrounding crisis situations.

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