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    Dianne M. Michels, Human Resources Futurist,

    Transition Human Resources from a transactional role to a strategic one and become a trusted, indispensable business partner for maximum impact on the enterprise and the people as they fulfill on their mission of "Results Matter . . . and people are at the heart of it! MORE >

    Learn about the key components of a Possibility Partners Workplace and the consequential role HR can play in that workplace transformation. You will gain an understanding of the following components:
    - Cultures where "Everybody Matters" and everybody believes in the inherent worth and dignity of every human being;
    - Communications "Best Practices" that are a demand for authenticity and openness as possibility partners engage in conversations that ignite collaboration, creativity, and community in unleashing our purpose, power, and potential, to actualize new possibilities and partnerships in the world for the greater good;
    - Replacing the annual performance review -- I have yet to meet ANYONE (employee or employer) who says they owe their success to their annual review process -- with regularly scheduled, year-round conversations that build mutual respect and trust, while focusing on results!
    - Defining the 12 conditions required to support the people in accomplishing the results that matter;
    - Shifting the experience of work as a burden to survive to one of a gift of participation, contribution, and self-expression;
    - Developing leaders who are supportive, encouraging, and insightful, without diminishing your sense of choice, agency, and ownership for results. Agency is defined as the capacity of individuals to act independently and to make their own free choices.

    Can be presented virtually via ZOOM.

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  • Start Up Success!

    Tim Campbell, CEO,

    Starting a business requires vision, commitment, and a leap of faith. Find out how Tim Campbell and his partners built one of the fastest growing e-commerce and wholesale distribution businesses in the United States in less than five years. MORE >

    After a successful career in Publishing and multi-media, Tim started out of his home, and today his company ships 15,000+ items a day. Find out how market timing combined with vision, strategy, and an amazing culture...catapulted VaporBeast to the lead position in the very fast growing e-cigarette industry.
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  • The Referral Process – Developing a Referral System for Explosive Growth

    Tom Kelly, Business Coach, Potential In Motion

    If referrals are a part of your business, then this presentation is for you! In this presentation, Mater Certified Business Coach Tom Kelly talks about potential sources for referrals, how to overcome your fears around asking for referrals, and how to build an effective referral system that will help you generate solid leads on a regular basis. MORE >

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  • Globalizing Innovations in Management Consultancy

    Haris Ahmed, Founder and Managing Partner, Pragmatium Consulting Group

    Innovative methods of the 21st century will be discussed. Haris provides strategic clarification, organizational alignment and leadership effectiveness in order to drive organizational performance.

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  • Civility in the Workplace During Turbulent Times

    Bette Lawrence-Water, Founder and Principal Consultant, Spectrum Strategic Solutions

    While a discussion on workplace manners and courtesy may seem like overkill, the reality is: rudeness is an epidemic costing industry millions a year. Indeed, what society seems to be gaining in terms of both knowledge and technological advancement, it’s losing out on basic social values that directly impact the bottom line. MORE >

    This discussion introduces the concept of civility, its importance to an organization, as well as its typical causes and effects. Audience leaves with skills needed to effectively practice civil behavior, as well knowledge of different ways organizations can systematize civility in the workplace.
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