Sharon Case

President and the Owner, Case Wealth Management and Financial Services

Free Financial Speaker in Chicago

  • Money Freedom – Three Secrets to Financial Success

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Financial

    This presentation can be done in one hour or it can be presented as a half day workshop. It is intended for a female audience and is an interactive program providing: MORE >

    • Insight regarding what your BIG life goals are and how to write SMART financial goals.
    • Knowledge of how to develop your own Spending Plan (budget) and how to stick to it!
    • An awareness of where your money goes every month and how to “pay yourself first.”
    • An understanding of the best way to invest your long term money based on your risk tolerance.
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  • Money Freedom – Four Financial Secrets for a Brighter Future

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Financial

    This presentation covers the basic concepts of building a financial plan and includes information on: finding your power players, gathering your power pieces, putting all the power pieces together to develop your financial plan, celebrating success and staying on track.

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