Bob Starinsky

Management Consultant, Tradewinds Group, Incorporated

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  • When was the last time you asked: “Why?”

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Business

    Why are some organizations successful performers, when other, very similar organizations, are marginal performers at best? The answer is simple. Successful organizations constantly reinvent themselves, by questioning the status quo. In today's business environment, change is the only constant. MORE >

    Organizations that regularly, if not constantly, engage themselves in self-reflection and self-improvement, are the organizations that stand the greatest chance of not merely success, but outright survival in today's hyper-competitive marketplace. These are organizations that are asking themselves tough questions about what they want to be, how to get there and the best possible way of getting things done. They are future oriented and action oriented at the same time. Quite simply put, today, every organization is in two businesses at the same time - their day-to-day, or "core" business and the "change" business.

    This presentation provides leaders and managers of organizations of all types with practical advice and techniques for engaging in continuous, self-reflection and self-improvement intended to keep their organizations laser-focused and lean.

    NOTE: This presentation is available to business and non-profit organization audiences in the west and northwest suburban areas only.

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  • Project Management Essentials for the “Accidental” Project Manager

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Business

    People often start working on (and managing) projects almost by accident. When you suddenly find yourself responsible for managing an important project but aren't really sure about how to go about making it happen, you’re an "accidental" project manager. Whether you're the newly minted "accidental" project manager, or you're someone who frequently finds yourself serving on a client-focused project team, or you simply want to know more about project management, this is the right workshop for you. MORE >

    Have you recently "fallen" into the role of an accidental project manager? At one time or another, we all do (or will)! The good news is that you can be successful - without being an expert on project management! This short workshop is designed for individuals with little or no prior knowledge of project management, but who know what they’re doing now is either not enough, or simply isn’t working.

    This workshop covers what you need you know about managing a small to medium-sized project with confidence. You'll learn an easy-to-follow process for taking your project - regardless of its' purpose or size - from beginning to "done", as well as the critical "need to know" project management terminology, concepts and techniques that you can apply immediately toward helping you keep your project running smoothly.

    NOTE: This presentation is available to audiences in the west and northwest suburban areas only.

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