Catherine Malloy Cummings

CEO, SparkWorks Talent Strategies

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  • Hiring for attitude

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Business

    In our work with small and medium sized businesses, we find that well over half of a company’s turnover is driven by poor hiring - either missing the mark in talent selection and culture fit, or not presenting a realistic job assessment so the candidate is well prepared for what to expect. Given the cost of turnover averages over 1X the employee’s salary, companies who don’t properly train for *how* to hire talent lose profitability, and the ability to grow.

    In this workshop, we’ll present why hiring for attitude matters as much as aptitude-- often more so-- and what you can do to increase the likelihood your new hire will thrive in your organization, and the role. We’ll explore how to identify what attitudes make you unique from your talent competitors, and how to detect whether your job candidates have what it takes to create value.

    Key takeaways for the workshop:

    1. Clarity about what it means to hire a “culture fit”, unique to your organization
    2. Understanding of why a “great” attitude answer in one company may not be a “great” answer in another
    3. Practical tools for integrating attitude interview in your process
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  • Creating breakthrough HR teams

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Business

    All too often, HR is missing their opportunity to earn a seat at the proverbial table, and reap recognition for the value they’ve delivered to the bottom line. MORE >

    In this workshop, we’ll shift your mindset for how HR adds value to the bottom line, increasing your organizational influence and impact. We’ll explore the 5 core foundations essential to enduring success as a business partner, as well as the key success factors of being a trusted advisor to your stakeholders.

    Key takeaways for the workshop:

    1. Five building blocks for building HR credibility and acumen
    2. How to create a compelling business case solving concrete, existing business problems
    3. Build confidence talking business strategy, not HR tactics

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