Catherine Malloy Cummings

CEO, SparkWorks Talent Strategies

Free Business Speaker in Chicago

  • Creating breakthrough HR teams

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Business

    All too often, HR is missing their opportunity to earn a seat at the proverbial table, and reap recognition for the value they’ve delivered to the bottom line. MORE >

    In this workshop, we’ll shift your mindset for how HR adds value to the bottom line, increasing your organizational influence and impact. We’ll explore the 5 core foundations essential to enduring success as a business partner, as well as the key success factors of being a trusted advisor to your stakeholders.

    Key takeaways for the workshop:

    1. Five building blocks for building HR credibility and acumen
    2. How to create a compelling business case solving concrete, existing business problems
    3. Build confidence talking business strategy, not HR tactics

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