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  • Success in Any Relationship

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Health & Fitness

    Have you felt distant in your relationship(s)? Has it been far too long since you have really had fun with your partner or children? Do you feel like you are alone in your relationship(s) or are unsure how to reconnect? What happened? Where did the love and respect go? Are you unsure as to how to re-engage? Research has proven that healthy dynamics in relationships being with you. Join Molly Hillig in one of her interactive workshops and learn to be successful in any relationship. MORE >

    This workshop is for anyone wanting to improve their relationship(s), marriage, is a parent or thinking of dating. Here you will learn Be Successful in Any Relationship and tools to make create lasting value in your relationships..

    Be Successful!
    It all starts with you!

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  • Skyrocket Intimacy

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Educational

    The most successful relationships in the world have a balance of the masculine and feminine energies.

    Few people in the world understand the ancient secret of the energies, learn them and skyrocket intimacy in your relationship.

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  • Get a Great Date – Do You Know What Holds You Back?

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Miscellaneous

    The truth is there are no tricks, no gimmicks, just steps to evolve yourself into a stellar dater and find great love. Each human desires to have a great dating career and find love. Learn to do it! This interactive workshop will change the way you look at dating. Too many people today look at dating all wrong and are left feeling overwhelmed. They do not have the right dating tools. MORE >

    What you will learn:
    How to date with meaning and success this year
    Why people ghost, bail or turn out to be not what you hoped?
    How to see results with your time and money
    How to be more attractive

    You will learn great dating skills, the best and successful daters in the world know them.

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  • Love 101 – Find Love & Keep It!

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Self-Improvement

    Learn the key to true love, how to find it and make it last in your life. This talk is for people desire true love in their life & looking to create authentic relationships. Great love is created by design & not default. Take the time to learn the skills to attract great love & keep it strong. MORE >

    What you will learn:

    Learn why you're struggling to find the right relationship partners & the one thing you can start doing TODAY to start meeting more prospects

    Discover the key to true love & how you can create it

    Find out what beliefs & past experiences are holding you back from finding true love

    Discover the key to true love & how to create it

    This presentation will be fun, funny & full of great secrets you can start implementing immediately.

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