Lee Ann Piano

Keynote Speaker, John Maxwell Team Member

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  • Go For It! Determine your dreams, Define your moments, Discover your destiny

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Motivational

    Learn to live a No Limits life! It’s time to do more, see more and be more. Discover what is limiting you from living at full capacity. When you live with more success and satisfaction, you are able to deposit more value into others.

    Take A-Ways: MORE >

    • The power of a personal vision
    • Use obstacles to become mentally strong
    • The game changer of destiny- CHOICES
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  • Enhancing Influence & Impacting Change

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Business

    What Women Leaders need to know in order to grow! This Keynote is designed to help elevate the impact of women leaders – enabling them to navigate the business landscape, develop and leverage their talents, and step into roles of greater influence. Lee Ann will share time-tested techniques and practical ideas that help women become more confident of their personal leadership identity and committed to changes they will effect in the workplace. MORE >

    • Articulate your vision and your action plan for personal leadership
    • Engage supporters through compelling communications
    • Negotiate favorable outcomes and manage conflict
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  • Today Matters!

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Self Improvement

    Small steps taken every day lead to big victories! People create success in their lives by focusing on TODAY. It may sound trite, but today is the only time you have. It is too late for yesterday, and you can’t depend on tomorrow. That is why TODAY MATTERS. In this hands-on inspiring presentation, Lee Ann offers four key practices that helped her go from a breast cancer diagnosis to discovering her destiny. MORE >

    You will learn how to:

    • Prioritize Your Daily Agenda
    • Improve & Build Solid Relationships
    • Nurture Your Personal & Professional Growth
    • Develop Resilience – No Matter What Happens

    This presentation will equip women with clarity, a new sense of inner balance and strength, tips to gain more daily control and the resilience needed to conquer every obstacle in order to live a victorious life.

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  • Increase Your Influence

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Self Improvement

    Build confidence, credibility and greater cooperation by increasing your influence power! If your life in any way connects with other people, you are an influencer.

    Take A-Ways: MORE >

    • Expand your capacity to influence
    • Utilize the “4M” plan to increase influence: Multiply, Mentor, Motivate, Modeling
    • Learn the one thing that accelerates your professional & personal growth- GREAT QUESTIONS
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  • Got a dream? Test It!

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Motivational

    What is the difference between a dreamer and someone who achieves their dream? The answer lies in answering ten tough dream test questions.This presentation is pure motivation and provides a step-by-step plan that anyone can begin using immediately to see, own and reach their dream. MORE >

    Lee Ann helps participants raise the odds of achieving their dream by expertly guiding them through the ten questions. Don't leave your dreams to chance.This presentation is a must-have for those who are looking to achieve real success.
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  • “Amped-Up” Leadership!

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Motivational

    Shift your mindset from manager to leader and master the strategies that will release a flow of passion, purpose and enthusiasm into your leadership and throughout the organization.

    Take A-Ways:

    • Develop communication that truly inspires others
    • Five ways to build a high performance team
    • Discover your leadership “sweet spot” to create loyal followers

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  • “Lee Ann, I wanted to follow up and let you know that your presentation really hit the mark with our attendees! I heard from several attendees and ARA board members that this was the best Leadership Conference they have attended. It doesn’t get much better than that.”

    TONY -Chief Executive Officer
    American Rental Association

    "Lee Ann, you are truly a dynamic speaker! Thank you for your inspiring, Go For It! Keynote at our GET EMPOWERED Women's Conference. You left a strong impression on our attendees- very motivating!!"

    Susan S. -Conference Chairman
    Prairie State College