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  • Faith, Joy & Sanity: How to Stay Zen on the Ride Called Life

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Motivational

    If your to-do list is impossible, your stress level teeters on lethal, and you don’t have enough time for sleep, let alone pray, this story of faith in chaos is for you. Kendra Von Esh knows first-hand the unrelenting demands of a corporate executive, caring for her family, and finding time for herself. But when she stopped the madness and made time for God, it all got easier. In her personal story of rediscovering her faith, Kendra will inspire you to live a more joyful life through faith and prayer. She'll show you how letting a higher power take the wheel leads to a more personally rewarding and professionally successful life. MORE >

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  • Lead with Compassion – Develop a Compassionate Culture in Your Business

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Motivational

    Are you eager and excited to go to work? Do you enjoy spending time with your co-workers? Feel appreciated and loved by your peers?

    Imagine for a moment that you could answer with a resounding YES to all three questions – how might that impact your health and happiness, not to mention your career? MORE >

    Studies show that a compassionate culture drives higher levels of organizational effectiveness including financial performance, employee engagement and retention, organizational productivity and customer satisfaction.

    Leadership speaker Kendra Von Esh, a retired CIO herself, will share how when you Lead with Compassion you will not only drive profits and performance but also personal gratification.

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