James H. Carpenter Barnes, Ph.D.

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  • Getting Your Voice Heard As An Author

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Educational

    This topic is intended to benefit those who desire to become successful as published writers. Every person who has written a book has faced two significant concerns. The first concern is will they accept what I've written, is it good enough? Only time and exposure can answer that question. The second concern is, who is going to purchase my book? How will I reach enough people for them learn about this amazing new talent that has created this masterpiece of fiction or non-fiction? MORE >

    You have chosen your genre, your muse has gifted you with an idea and the grit to finish your literary work. An editor, (and a few trusted readers of the early draft), have placed a seal of approval on the manuscript. And you agree that it's good, maybe even very good. But now what, you may ask, is the next step? You have put yourself and your manuscript through the editing crucible of examination and scrutiny, now your work is ready to be published. Either by you as the self-published author, traditional publishing or something in between called hybrid publishing. Alrighty then... you're ready for the recognition and royalties to start rolling in, right? In the majority of cases, wrong!

    Here's the harsh reality. Once a writer has finished their book, they must then begin another phase the modern day writer must invariably face, which is getting a book cover seen and their literary voices heard by the book buying public. Books are usually written with the door closed. We as writers need to shut out distractions freeing us to create another reality on the page. Ah, but here's the twist, the marketing of that book must be executed with the doors and windows of communication wide open. This is an entirely different mindset that must be embraced if one intends to sell books to more than a few relatives, friends and co-workers. Not being properly prepared for this challenge has discouraged many talented writers into giving up their dream to avoid this intimidating proposition. To be honest, the marketing of your book should begin well before your work is finished.

    When presenting this topic, we will share some basic principles of social media marketing specifically for authors from a writers perspective. We will target the importance of the length and depth of ones reach with their target audience, and methods to accomplish this task.

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  • The Focus Advantage

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Self Improvement

    This topic teaches how to release the ability manifest a desired goal using intentional focus. Learning to join emotional energy with mental imaging is the path to limitless creativity. We bring into our lives the things we sincerely desire from the heart. When are able to see our desires in our mind's eye, focus on them without conflict, we are on our way to a more productive life. Being distracted is often an unrecognized habit, when we are distracted our energy is no longer focused. MORE >

    Some teach the idea that you must write it down and say it aloud; this is true, in part. There is a vast difference between saying a thing and speaking it. If what we utter is not spoken from the heart with intent desire, and if what we write down is not written from that same passion-filled heart; aren't we are just talking and taking notes. In such a case, we must rely on our external determination. Leaving an immense reservoir of creative ability untapped.

    The objective of this topic is to demonstrate the importance of overcoming contradictory thoughts which often show up when we are in the midst of working toward a goal. Whether the opposing thought comes from another person or from within our own mind, the mind is a muscle so it must be exercised to be firm and responsive.

    There is a simple technique which will begin to train the mind to focus, thus allowing the heart to speak the language of creativity. If the words are not spoken from a passionate heart, they are foreign to the creative forces set in motion before the foundation of the world.

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  • Power & Benefit of Unity

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Self Improvement

    This topic is focused on enhancing the Power (ability to generate productivity) and Benefit (reward of that productivity) of Unity within the individual or group of individuals. The science of physics has proven the cohesiveness of a unit begins with the bond between single particles which in turn has an effect on the whole. For example, an individual divided within can often be challenged in making sound decisions. This mental/emotional state comes from the Greek word 'dip'-su-chos', which means being double-minded, as in having two opposing minds or souls. This mental state can transfer creating a hostile working relationship within a team, impeding growth and productivity. MORE >

    Mental and emotional integrity is essential to success in every endeavor we undertake. The person who practices internal unity, or oneness, has a consistent positive energetic disposition, someone we enjoy working with. One negative attitude can infect an entire team, making even the simplest task arduous. In our talk we will share a few simple evening and morning practices/exercises that will help to bring the unity within we all so richly deserve. These are practices I have implemented in my own life to improve the intellectual, emotional, and creative aspects of my make up. My wife has been quite pleased with the updated version me, as have I.
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