James H. Carpenter Barnes, Ph.D.

Founder, All I Imagine, Inc

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  • Shattering Your Ceiling – Executing Your Possible

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Motivational

    Shattering your Ceiling – Executing your possible MORE >

    Many of us who experience self limiting mindsets are aware that something is holding me back from being the extraordinary person I believe I am. Unfortunately, most do not understand we are trained to be limited in our thinking from the time we hit pre-school. Color inside the lines, sit on the circle, and so on. Humanity was created to be creative not robotic robots. Shattering your ceiling of pre-set ingrained limitations is the first step to breaking the chains of fear and mediocrity… to experience the extraordinary supernatural you.

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  • The Focus Advantage

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Motivational

    This topic teaches how to release the ability manifest a desired goal using intentional focus. Learning to join emotional energy with mental imaging is the path to limitless creativity. We bring into our lives the things we sincerely desire from the heart. When are able to see our desires in our mind's eye, focus on them without conflict, we are on our way to a more productive life. Being distracted is often an unrecognized habit, when we are distracted our energy is no longer focused. MORE >

    Some teach the idea that you must write it down and say it aloud; this is true, in part. There is a vast difference between saying a thing and speaking it. If what we utter is not spoken from the heart with intent desire, and if what we write down is not written from that same passion-filled heart; aren't we are just talking and taking notes. In such a case, we must rely on our external determination. Leaving an immense reservoir of creative ability untapped.

    The objective of this topic is to demonstrate the importance of overcoming contradictory thoughts which often show up when we are in the midst of working toward a goal. Whether the opposing thought comes from another person or from within our own mind, the mind is a muscle so it must be exercised to be firm and responsive.

    There is a simple technique which will begin to train the mind to focus, thus allowing the heart to speak the language of creativity. If the words are not spoken from a passionate heart, they are foreign to the creative forces set in motion before the foundation of the world.

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  • Sicks & Stones – How Words Frame Your World

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Motivational

    Sticks and Stones – Power of Words to Frame Your World MORE >

    In a single moment of time we can speak words which can have an impact for the next 10 years, positively and negatively. This isn’t a new discovery. For years I spoke without regard for the far-reaching consequences attached to what I said. Whether out of foolish jesting, - or raging anger. Negative destructive words cut two ways… going into the life of the hearer and when they come back to the life of the speaker. This workshop answers these questions:

    Where does the spoken word gather its power?

    How can I use the language of the physical realm to my advantage in life?

    We explain that the language of the mind is thought, while the language of the body is an experience. How both work to advance or hinder success.

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