Ginger Hill, MS, MCHES

Christian Wellness Speaker & Coach, Good Health for Good Works

Free Health & Fitness Speaker in Chicago

  • Weary or Well? Scriptural, Small, Smart & Strategic Health Habits to Support a Lifestyle of Service

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Health & Fitness

    As you serve others in the name of Christ, are feeling weary or are you well? MORE >

    Staying energetic in the midst of unmet needs, rapid change, unexpected challenges and competing priorities can derail even the best of healthy intentions. Gaining and sustaining the energy and endurance needed for successful and sustainable Kingdom service is supported by scriptural, small, smart and strategic health habits.

    Wherever you are on your health journey, this 30-minute sample version of the "Weary or Well?"workshop will help you to transform your current health practices in the four key areas of health – Eat, Move, Cope & Rest - to support effective Kingdom service.

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  • Change Your Health by Changing Your Mind

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Health & Fitness

    Good health practices help us to offer our bodies & minds to God so that we can partner with Him to represent Christ and serve others in His name. MORE >

    In this 30-minute sample version of the "Change Your Health by Changing Your Mind" seminar, participants will discuss the spiritual blessing of partnering with God and offering all of ourselves (body, mind & spirit) for God’s service. They will learn to overcome some of the “unhealthy” mindsets that hinder our ability to follow through on consistently practicing good health habits as an act of worship of & service to God.

    Despite our best intentions to practice good health habits, most of us struggle. Changing our ways requires changing our mind.

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