Dr. David Maze, O.D, FCOVD, FAAO

Owner, West Suburban Family Vision and Therapy

Free Educational Speaker in Chicago

  • Sports Vision

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Health & Fitness

    There is a critical link between vision and sports performance concerning eye-hand coordination. Dr. David Maze, a behavioral optometrist, often works with athletes from competitive or recreational sports with poorly developed eye aiming, focusing, tracking, and depth perception to improve sports performance. MORE >

    This presentation is great for coaches, athletes, and parents and will discuss the signs and symptoms of visual disorders and how they can be improved. He will also cover base-line concussion tests and how a concussion will affect the visual system.
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  • Supporting Children with Visual Disorders

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Educational

    This presentation is geared toward educators or parents and will discuss how to recognize when a child is struggling visually. Often, these challenges interfere with the child's ability to read, learn, comprehend, and even pay attention. MORE >

    Dr. David Maze, a board certified developmental optometrist, will discuss how to work with children who have visual processing disorders, or tracking, teaming, and focusing issues. He will discuss the signs and symptoms that go hand-in-hand with these issues and how to make the appropriate accomodations to support each child.
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