Mike Zanillo

Community Outreach Coordinator, Citizens Climate Lobby / Citizens Climate Education

Free Climate Speaker in Chicago

  • Climate Progress, but, is it Enough ?


    As a Community Outreach Coordinator for Citizens Climate Education/Lobby and would like to offer a climate education program for your library. The topic of Climate Change is in the news often these days. So are stories of public policies and legislation being enacted to address the climate challenge. MORE >

    The ‘Climate Progress, but, is it Enough ?’ program is geared for the general public wishing to learn about the causes of climate change, understand what is being done to address the problem and wondering whether more is needed. I have presented on the topic to over 100 local community groups, churches, schools and libraries.

    The presentation is offered either in in-person, or virtually, and can be tailored from 45 minutes to 2 hours covering the following topics:
    • Key causes of climate change
    • How much will the climate change
    • Key aspects of recently passed legislation
    • How much will emissions be reduced
    • Is more needed to be done
    • Can we afford the cost of climate change
    • How will climate change and climate policy affect the economy

    Citizens’ Climate Education (CCE) / Lobby (CCL) is a nonpartisan grassroots advocacy organization that educates key stakeholders, policymakers, and the general public about effective solutions to climate change.

    Please let me know if this topic is of interest and I would welcome the opportunity to present.

    Mike Zanillo
    P: 312.504.1732
    E: mike@zanillo.com

    Mike Zanillo is a climate policy advocate and Community Outreach Coordinator for Citizens Climate Education/Lobby. He is also a member of other climate action groups. Mike meets regularly key congressional and senatorial offices in Washington DC to advise on public climate policy. He is guest contributor to local newspapers and has presented educational sessions on the topic of climate change policy at over a 100 clean energy conferences, community groups, churches, schools and libraries.
    Mike, a former technology executive, is a graduate of the University of Chicago with a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and has attended graduate level studies with Loyola University and Northern Illinois University.

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  • A Cool Climate Policy for a Cold Winter


    Fake, or not, the news is full of stories about extreme heat events this summer. Whether or not you believe in the need for climate action, there is a public policy that appeals to climate doves and hawks. Just when you think our politicians cannot agree on anything, we have growing support on both sides of the political aisle for something that will help our economy and provide jobs as a cushion against a potential downturn in our economy. MORE >

    Request this presentation to hear more about this policy, why it makes sense and why people who don’t usually agree on things are beginning to talk about this.

    Learn about this first step that is:
    - Supported by major business groups
    - Rewards US companies for environmental leadership
    - Can provide a meaningful reduction in pollution
    - Levels the playing field between trading partners
    - Would motivate other large economies to adopt it
    - Appeals to both ‘Globalists’ and ‘America First’ supporters

    Presentation is available on an in-person, virtual, or, hybrid basis. Please contact me if you would like to discuss a presentation of this timely topic.

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