Claudia Braun

Healthy Living & Weight Loss Coach, Claudia-Braun

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  • Living Your Best Self

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Self Improvement

    According to Oprah Winfrey "Your Primary Job is to take care of you!" Is that happening? If not are you letting "more important things" get in the way of prioritizing you? MORE >

    Are you run around by your to-do list?
    At the end of the day do you feel more tired and less satisfied about what you did or are doing?

    Do you long for a vacation so you can finally stop doing and take a break?

    Join me to learn how to begin to prioritize yourself and make time for you to start living your life as your best self!

    As Hillel says " If not now, when?

    Inspirational, informative, with tangible steps on how to begin taking steps today.

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  • It’s Not What You’re Eating… It’s What’s Eating You

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Self Improvement

    Have you noticed how many diets there are? And they all contradict one another? Eat meat, don't eat meat, grains are bad, no they're good, eat fats, nope no fats... But what if it's not about what your eating but it's about what's really eating you that's making you fat and gain weight? MORE >

    In this talk you'll learn the biggest myths about weight gain and weight loss and what you can do to be successful in your pursuit of a healthy, happy body.

    As a healthy living coach, I work with women to help them achieve the results they want, most of them have been on a series of diets without success. The average woman is dieting and frustrated with her lack of results. Let's look at the bigger picture and what we can do create lasting and life long changes.

    The weight loss industry is a 20 billion dollar industry and growing according to 2012 statistics. But we as a society aren't getting thinner, why? If we don't address the larger deeper issues things don't change.

    You'll walk away with how to exercises to get clear on what's standing in your way, and a list of characteristics which could be stopping your growth.

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