Arika Clark Alejo

Certified Professional Coach | Speaker | Motivator

Free Self-Improvement Speaker in Chicago

  • Today is not Yesterday.

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Self-Improvement

    Every person is unique in how they view the world around them. It is our experiences and values that we use to perceive the world. Often, this limits us and hold us back from being more productive, less stressed, and feeling more pleasure because of the assumptions we make. During this talk learn about the seven levels of energy that we bring to the table and how each of them can help and hinder us from the things we most desire. MORE >

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  • Your EQ Superpower

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Self-Improvement

    Did you know...
    Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is more of a long term predictor of success than IQ?
    People who are more aware of their own EQ can better manages stress and improve relationships?
    EQ has been identified as one of the top 10 strengths of a good leader? MORE >

    EQ refers to the set of social and emotional skills that collectively establishes how we perceive and express ourselves, develop and maintain social relationships, cope with challenges, and use emotions in an effective and meaningful way.

    Come learn how to be more aware of your own EQ and the impact it can have for you at work and home.

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  • Thriving Through Disruption: How To Manage Through Turbulent Times

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Business

    In these unprecedented times, managing ourselves and those around us is paramount. Please join me, Arika Clark Alejo, as we come together to discuss what it means to be adaptive as you lead yourself, your team and your business through disruption. You will away with insights and tools you can use starting today that will benefit you and those around you forever. MORE >

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  • "Thank you, Arika! This was so useful to my job! You are an engaging presenter and I loved the visual aids and handouts, they really supported the material in the presentation." -Susen S.

    "Awesome presenter, she spoke clearly took time for questions, very professional. Gave real-life examples and helpful problem-solving solutions." - Kelly

    "My expectations were average, but Arika was GREAT! I always am motivated to continue to advance professionally, and Arika's presentation was a good "carrot on a stick" to aim higher." -Diane F.