Amy Ruppert

CEO, The Integreship Group

Free Business Speaker in Chicago

  • Essential People Skills You’ll Need to Succeed

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Business

    When your job depends on how well you talk to and connect with people, why is it you’re not as committed to honing those skills as you are your technical skills? Throughout our careers the emphasis is on technical proficiency and while that’s very important, if you can’t make a genuine connection with people and have a productive or effective conversation, all the technical skills in the world won’t help you. MORE >

    In this presentation, Amy will share with you why we connect with some and not others, the necessary ingredients to make natural connection and techniques to establish trust with the people you need to influence, win-over or get results from.

    This is a hands-on presentation for participants where you’ll not only learn about these essential skills, you’ll also get a chance to practice them in a fun and engaging way.
    Second Presentation Topic Title (optional) Resilient Leaders = Resilient Organizations

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  • Resilient Leaders = Resilient Organizations

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Business

    What does it mean to be a resilient leader? And what does it take to be one? We are living in a time where rapidly changing technology and the speed of business is moving faster and farther than human beings can adapt. Confusion, chaos, conflict and constant change challenge leaders like never before. Leading others through this type of turbulence takes resilience and grit. But how does one build and improve their resiliency? MORE >

    In this presentation, Amy will share with you proven methods some of the most successful, high profile leaders she's coached have used to become more resilient leaders and how a leader's resiliency impacts those that work for them and the entire enterprise.

    You’ll leave with a personal 3-step plan to become a more resilient leader.

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